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Emilia Bertocci

I am a visual designer motivated to make the world a better place by creating beautiful brands, stunning print pieces, and memorable web experiences. I have a passion for all things design from the initial brand creation which is carried through print, web, and the total user experience.

A rare combination of business logic and meticulous design aesthetic come together in my work to create pieces that deeply connect with a specific target market. I offer both creativity and management skills, and have the ability to juggle multiple projects and unrealistic deadlines with grace and humor.

I work as an effective brand storyteller and deviceful thinker with the precision and natural leadership to manage projects from start to finish, and the uncanny ability to influence decision-makers at all levels within a company.

I am proud of what I've done, but I believe I can always be better. This is why I thrive on feedback and always strive to work with the most talented peers and meticulous clients.

I hate pictures of myself but I love snowboarding. So there you have it.