EMB Graphic Art



A selected list of recent clients and the projects I did for them.

My New Years' resolution is to keep this page as updated as possible in 2015. Let's see how that goes.


Edit: It's 2017 and I haven't done the best job of updating - this is a very incomplete list. Also, some clients decided it would be fun to mess with their websites. I will not name names right here - BUT I SEE YOU!

ACME Pet Solutions   //  Logo, Branded Print Materials, Web Design

ASICS   //  Print Design, Web Design, UI/UX Design

The Bishop's School   //   Logo, Styleguide, Advertising, Branding, Fundraising Strategy, Digital Newsletter, Video

Conlon Coaching & Consulting    //    Logo, Branding, Strategy, Branded Print Materials

Day1DNA    //    Logo, Branding, Strategy, Branded Print Materials

Evolv Tan // Printed Pieces 

Fertility Specialists Medical Group    //    Web Design

Financial Alternatives Inc    //    Web Design, Logo, Branding, Strategy, Branded Print Materials

FIT Bodywrap    //    Print Advertisements, Monthly Digital Newsletter, Brand Strategy

Ford Financial Services Inc // Logo Design and Branding

Grow It Yourself Gardens    //    Logo, Branded Print Materials, Custom Blog Design

iTAN Solariums    //    Printed Advertisements, Digital Advertisements, Brand Strategy

Jacob Tyler // Branding

Jobsite Supply Company    //    Printed Advertisements

The Madero Group    //    Print Design to Promote Represented Musicians

Messina Design // Everything you can possibly imagine

Mystic Tan    //    Brand Strategy, Print Design, Monthly Newsletter, Printed Advertisements, App Design

Optimal Pharmaceuticals    //    Logo Design, Brand Strategy, Identity Kit

Painting & Vino    //    Logo Design, Identity Kit, Brand Strategy, Printed Branded Pieces, Website Consulting

Pfister // Package Design, Catalog Design

Robeson Design    //    Web Design, Web Strategy

San Diego Treasurer/Tax Collector    //    Printed Advertising, Brochure Design, Branded Print Pieces

SoCal Marine Enclosures    //    Web Design, Brand/Web Strategy, Logo Design, Branded Print Pieces, Apparel Design

Stella Artois // Print Advertisements, Web Campaigns, Web Design

Student Loan Fresh Start    //    Web Design, Web Strategy, Digital Advertising, Social Media Advertising

Surface Esthetics    //    Web Design, Web Strategy, Digital Newsletter

Tech Talent    //    Web Design

TinyFrog Technologies    //     Logo Design, Branding, Web Design

Twin Circus    //    Web Design, Web/Brand Strategy, Customized Social Media, Book Cover Design, Identity Kit Design

Vitro Agency // Print Production

Wolfhound Interactive    //    Logo Design, Web Design (new website coming Spring 2015)