EMB Graphic Art


Branding Process

How does one create a brand identity that will have a powerful visual impact on a specific target market? There are many ways to accomplish this, but I have a specific process that has consistently yielded great results. Rather than keep it a trade secret, I'm happy to share it here.

1. The process begins with in-depth market and competitive research using Mintel reports. They are some of the most reliable marketing reports out there, based on large samples and flawless research. These reports are available by membership only and are fairly expensive without membership (these cost roughly $2,000.00 USD and up).

2. Based upon the research, I choose 3-5 key words that your brand should encompass. These key words are the basis for free word association.

3. I create rough sketches based upon the free-word association. These sketches can be reviewed by the client before any execution occurs.

4. Brand concepts are executed.

5. Logos are mocked up on relevant marketing materials (in this case- a business identity package) to better judge how it will work out in the real world.

6. If requested, consumer interviews and feedback can be utilized. This will require hiring a consumer research organization.

Below, check out the entire process for a client that needed a brand identity system for a staffing agency. I also apply a similar strategy to web design that begins with research, strategy, wireframing, and design. The web process varies from client to client so it is not included here.

*For legal purposes, I cannot share the entire Mintel research report, so only page 1 of the research portion is included here. It's also a bit tough to read on-purpose, please don't steal my work.